Heavenly Purpose

Went looking for an old Louise Hay affirmation this morning. An affirmation I used to say every morning and kept inside an old journal. Found the old journal but didn’t find the Louise Hay affirmation.

Instead I found this:

Heavenly Purpose

Back in 2012, I met a very special woman here in Israel. She makes beautiful, unique, one of a kind necklaces and she prays and infuses each necklace with a a specific blessing. I did something kind for her and in return she gave me one of her necklaces. Out of about 5, I chose the one she had titled “Heavenly Purpose.” Of course, I didn’t know the title or the blessing associated with the necklace when I chose it; she only shares that with you after you’ve made your choice.

This was back in 2012 so why am I writing about it now and why on Simply Be Well?

Because when I saw the Heavenly Purpose blessing in that old journal, I realized and remembered that it was in 2012 that I had the initial vision that is now being born in Simply Be Well.

That original vision didn’t happen but it lived on in me all these years and is now slowly coming to life. Sure. In a little different form but the main intention and goal is the same — to support others and help them regain health, well-being, and and happiness regardless of their current financial situation.


That I stumbled upon the blessing and the journal entry, both from 2012 when I first began envisioning some type of supporting healing venue, and when — eight years later — Simply Be Well is slowly coming to life.

I don’t think so.

So I am now dedicating both the necklace and the Heavenly Purpose blessing to all of Simple Be Well’s activities and modifying the original blessing to include all of us.

“May the power of the universe support all our creative endeavors in order that each of us individually and as a community receive divine blessings. May Shechinah’s great light illuminate us and guide all our steps.”

— Shira Adama

* Shira Adama is a Shamanistic artist utilizing multiple mediums to transmit light, love and blessings.

2 thoughts on “Heavenly Purpose”

  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing your story. The Blessing is beautiful and I especially like the reference to the Shechinah, as I have always resonated with her profound feminine energy.

  2. Yes, Suzanne, the Shechinah feminine energy is so beautiful and relevant to Simply Be Well. Not that our activities are only intended for women but that the feminine energy is honored and elevated to its “rightful” place in the Universe.

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