Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Not about the perfect pose but about you coming home to you and finding deep, lasting peace. 

Trauma is held in and remembered by the body.  Trauma is also healed through the body. Trauma Sensitive Yoga gives complete power and choice to the student, while offering opportunities to turn inward and reconnect with yourself at your own pace. It’s not about getting the shape “right” or mastering/ perfecting anything; it’s about being with yourself in the moment, just as you are.

Yoga is more than the postures.

It’s a philosophy, outlined in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, that helps you connect to your true self. Engaging in these practices creates connection and healing on a deep, embodied level, so you can experience more peace and less suffering. 

Do you dream of a healthier, happier you?

Like me, I imagine that you’re a deep diver and a seeker and crave a a richer, more authentic life. A life unhindered by the wounds of the past.

The ancient practices of classical yoga offered through a trauma informed lens facilitate an embodied experience that creates connection with your truest self. You learn to self-regulate and heal from the inside out, so you can stand strong and courageous in all your flawed perfection and lovingly embraces this crazy, sacred, beautiful thing called life.

This living takes tremendous courage. I stand by you in solidarity.

Using the ancient classical yoga postures and practices to reunite mind body and soul

Tenants of a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Class

In a trauma sensitive yoga class, the main purpose to support the stabilization, safe discharge, and regulation of a person’s nervous system.

Sacred Soul Yoga follows this Akhanda Shakti lineage general sequence:

  • Grounding and orienting / intention
  • setting / theme setting
  • Breathing techniques
  • (Chanting)*
  • Warm up the spine in all directions
  • Peak poses (may be challenging or restorative depending on theme of class and audience)
  • Cooling sequence and body scan
  • Savasana
  • Breathing techniques
  • (Chanting)*
  • Orienting and Close / Takeaway

*In Yoga, chanting mantra in Sanskrit is a very powerful vibrational tool and an important element in the Akhanda Shakti way of sequencing. At the same time, it can feel alienating for some people, especially for those who have not approached Yoga with a spiritual or philosophical interest. It is optional; the student may participate or not as they feel comfortable.