Trauma Sensitive Yoga

classical yoga postures and practices to reunite mind body and soul

I believe you are whole

Even as you heal.

And my teaching style reflects this. I teach slowly, with attention to breath and inner awareness and a deep trust and appreciation that you know what will serve your body best.

I support you as you learn to navigate your inner tapestry and honor your body’s inherent wisdom.

You have the power and the wisdom within to heal yourself. You deserve to live a beautiful, radiant life. My passion is to show you how.

Yael Reinhardt-Matsliah

My Offerings

Yoga Classes and Community

Trauma SensitiveYoga Classes

Online yoga classes and programs designed to nurture your self-healing and support your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

Online Community

Join a community of passionate, dedicated, and supportive women and engage in the ancient and life transforming practices of yoga.