Category: Notes on Yoga

Reflections on the journey. Music to sooth and inspire the soul. Wisdom to strengthen us and light our paths.

Come as you are

The physical is only one aspect of yoga, a tool to help us go inward; the real goal of yoga is not the physical posture but an inner state of stillness

Women with arms outstretched on beach at sunrise

Practice Makes…

Working without attachments means we work without demanding or expecting a specific result, that we let go of the idea that we control the fruits (the outcome) of our work.

Wild Horses

It’s About Now

Are we living our own personal dharma or do our lives simply reflect conformity to external expectations and societal or religious norms?

Dream Plan Act

Act Great

Hafez, the great 14th century Sufi poet, highlights a key to the yogic path. Briefly put, our actions, not our intentions, are what count. The emphasis is on the doing. Or, as the famous Nike slogan tells us: JUST DO IT.

Who Are You?

How many of us have spent our lives striving to be anyone but ourselves. It’s about time to be you in all your glorious beauty