Yoga Flows & Styles

Sacred Soul Yoga creates a communal and casual environment for Yoga growth without comparison, judgment, or shame. Classes are an inclusive safe space open to all skill levels, backgrounds, and identities.

Beginner Basics Flow

The Beginner Basics flow explores common Yoga poses one step at a time. These casual and shame-free classes focus on executing proper and safe physical alignment, finding the best position for your unique body, and answering your questions about Yoga. Students will also be introduced to core Yoga philosophies and breathing exercises. The ultimate goal is to help students build their confidence in creating their own personal Yoga practice.

Kemetic Slow Flow

Based on the culture and hieroglyphics of Egypt (originally named Kemet), Kemetic Yoga renews mind, body, and soul through controlled deep breathing and conscious muscle movements. Rooted in the YogaSkills School of Kemetic Yoga system, this slow flow class explores the core principles, poses, and sequences of Kemetic Yoga grounded in African-Egyptian mythology and history.

Energy Healing Flow

ankh meditation

As spirit beings dwelling in physical bodies, our inner thoughts and feelings directly affect our outer energy. This gentle yin-style flow class combines Reiki energy healing with relaxing Yoga poses. Through meditative movement, deep stretches, and hands-on energy assists, I help you calm your body and soothe your soul. This practice helps facilitate emotional and physical release. Practice ends with sound healing svasana with a steel tongue drum.