Yoga Basics For Beginners Course

FULL COURSE FEE: $125.00 (Early Bird Fee: $100)

Includes in-depth concept teachings, knowledgeable learning materials, step-by-step attentive guidance, and light refreshments. Classes are a casual and intimate space with a maximum of TEN students, so be sure to reserve your spot early! Paid registration is required to attend class. No drop-ins, please!

About the Course:

The Yoga Basics for Beginners course explores common Yoga poses one step at a time. This casual and shame-free course focuses on executing proper and safe physical alignment, finding the best position for your unique body, and exploring the ancient and modern histories of Yoga. Students will also be introduced to core Yoga philosophies, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques. The ultimate goal is to help students build their confidence in creating their own personal Yoga practice.

Curriculum Includes:

– Yoga History and Modernization
– Different Yoga Philosophies
– Holistic Benefits of Yoga
– Different Styles of Yoga
– Breathing & Meditation Techniques
– Step-By-Step Instruction of Core Asanas/Poses

Certificate of Knowledge & Achievement

Upon completing the course, students will receive an honorary Certificate of Knowledge and Achievement to recognize their commitment to growth and learning. It will reflect the course topic and the number of education hours invested. Students must attend ALL CLASSES within the series to earn their certificate.


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