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For those wanting to practice Yoga but not comfortable with public classes, private instruction is an optimum choice. With one-on-one teaching, I will guide you in poses and sequences that work best for your body and will help you adjust in ways that will benefit you best. One-on-ones also include learning more deeply about Yoga breathing and meditation practices and helps you discover how Yoga can benefit you beyond the physical. Private teachings are customized to meet your specific needs and give you focused and dedicated guidance that you won’t get from most public group classes.

Private Yoga sessions can include up to two people.

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As spirit beings dwelling in physical bodies, our inner thoughts and emotions directly affect our outer energy. Chakras are energy centers within our bodies that align with different spiritual aspects. As an energy worker, I help strengthen your soul’s connection to the higher energy of God/Spirit/Universe through deep breathing and the gentle placing of hands at different Chakra points. This practice helps remove energy blockages that may be hindering emotional release & physical healing.

Energy healing involves non-massage, fully-clothed touching of primarily the arms, shoulders, legs, head, and hands. Everyone experiences a session differently; many report feeling calmness, peace, and relaxation. However, your experience will be uniquely your own and is based on your current spiritual and emotional state.

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Would you rather practice with loved ones? Get a group together and host your own private Yoga party! Learning Yoga is much more fun with friends and family. Together you can journey into expanding both your body’s flexibility and your Self awareness, and share some laughter in the process!

I also offer wellness workshops for businesses and organizations who want to bring the benefits of Yoga and mindfulness practices to their members. I work with you to assess your group’s needs and customize a class based specifically on your work culture and environment.


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Additional $50, space limit may apply

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