Meet Your Yoga Guide

I am Tori “Eternity Philops” James, and I am honored to be your Yoga guide!

Like many people, I used to think that Yoga was just exercise for people with already thin body types. I tried a couple of classes, had no idea what I was doing, and decided it wasn’t for me. Then one day I took a class led by a friend in Yoga teacher training. This time it was different. It was my first time taking a class with a significant presence of people of color. I was around people who looked like me, who weren’t naturally athletic or already in shape, and it felt different. It felt…better! This is what began my journey into truly understanding and practicing Yoga.

For me, Yoga has become about more than gaining better flexibility. What called to me were the deeply spiritual aspects of the practice. Since beginning my Yoga journey, I have become a certified Yoga teacher in two different styles of Yoga. I also became the co-creator of two virtual groups, #BlackGirlYogaMagic and Queen City Black Yogis, which are online initiatives to highlight the presence of Black teachers in the local Yoga community and bring more people of color to the practice. My desire to lead others in taking their Yoga beyond the mat is what drives my teaching.

An RYT-200 registered Yoga Alliance instructor, I am trained and certified in both modern Hatha Yoga (Kiesha Battles, I AM YOGA) and Kemetic Yoga (Yirser Ra Hotep, YogaSkills School of Kemetic Yoga). I also independently study the traditional eight limbs of Raja Yoga, which gives my style a meditative approach. An energy worker, I am a Second Degree Reiki practitioner (Asha Sims, Ashakti Wellness), as well as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach (World Coach Institute).

In addition to being a Yoga teacher, I am a creative writer, lifestyle photographer, and a spiritual wellness guide. When I’m not helping others with their inner growth, I’m enjoying anime and loving on my adorably spoiled cat.