New Beginnings

I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training certification last week. This doesn’t make me a yoga teacher — only years of personal practice, dedication, and experience will do that — but it does represent my intention, my desire, and my commitment to the yogic path. I’m learning to celebrate the small things in life … Read more

Fight or Flight

Have you ever been overwhelmed with life, particularly when life confronts you with two seemingly impossible choices? Every decision, every choice, brings loss.  When we decide on one thing, it means we give up something else.  But usually the good in what we choose outweighs the bad of what we don’t choose.  Those choices require … Read more

A Yogic Lifestyle

Ever read a description of a real (meaning some of those yogis in India) yogi’s daily routine? I’m currently in a yoga teacher training here in Israel and am challenged with learning anatomy in a second language that I’m not that fluent in. But yesterday our teacher, Yael Ziv, read a description of the suggested … Read more

Act Great

Hafez, the great 14th century Sufi poet, highlights a key to the yogic path. Briefly put, our actions, not our intentions, are what count. The emphasis is on the doing. Or, as the famous Nike slogan tells us: JUST DO IT.

The Aura

Each of us builds our own prison or our own palace.

Every conscious thought, every utterance of our lips, every interaction of ours with the world leaves its imprint upon an aura that surrounds each of us and stays with us wherever we go. All life, all blessing, all that is transmitted from Above must past through that aura. Even if it be the greatest of blessings, the aura may distort it into an ugly noise. Or it may resonate and amplify it even more.

An aura of beauty attracts beauty. An aura of love attracts love. An aura of life and joy attracts unbounded light.

Only you are the master of that aura. Only you have the permission and the power at any moment to transform your thoughts from the ugly to the beautiful, your words from bitter to sweet, your deeds from death to life.

from A Daily Dose of Wisdom from the Rebbe by Tzvi Freeman

Who Are You?

In the post, It’s About Time, I wrote about the importance of following your own dharma, your own life path. Sadly, many of us have built our lives around external expectations, doing anything to avoid that dreaded feeling of rejection, of not feeling accepted for who we really are. The irony of course is that … Read more

Time Out

Yoga is the stilling of the changing states of the mind.”   ~  Yoga Sutra 1: 2 Have you ever taken a vacation to the mountains or seashore only to return to the city and feel overwhelmed by the noise and activity? Perhaps you didn’t even notice the noise and activity before, but now it feels … Read more


So what’s the connection with yoga, you may be asking. Well, I spent nine days with Havilah at Barsana Dham in Austin Texas during the first 100 hour yoga teacher training with Living Yoga Program.  And Havilah shared some of her music with us as we sat around on the floor on Barsana Dham, so … Read more

When the student is ready..

The teacher will appear.  Although I’m not sure if I’m really ready, I feel blessed to have found my teacher.  I knew immediately when I saw this video that this was the quality of yoga that I hoped to incorporate into my life and practice.  It’s a lifelong (s) journey, but at least I’ve embarked … Read more