New Schedule

Starting November 26th, I’ll be guiding two classes each Sunday and Monday.

Sundays and Mondays at 6:00pm will be Beginner Basics, which explores common Yoga poses one step at a time. At 7:30pm on Sundays will be Kemetic Core Flow, and Mondays at 7:30pm will be Kemetic Hatha Mixx. Kemetic Core Flow is practice of the foundation sequences of Kemetic Yoga, while Kemetic Hatha Mixx incorporates both Kemetic and Hatha movement.

I hope that this new schedule allows me to address the different needs I’ve observed in the classes I’ve taught so far. Let’s see how it flows together!

Read more class details at

Kemetic Yoga Weekly Beginner Series

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be leading my first beginner series for Kemetic Yoga starting in October! I’ve been teaching Kemetic Yoga in different locations, but haven’t really been able to delve into the background and sequences as deeply as I’ve wanted to. With this upcoming beginner series, I’ll be able to take my time and thoroughly guide students in everything Kemetic Yoga has to offer!

Classes will be every Sunday at 6:30pm in October, starting October 1st and ending October 29th. Pre-registration for the full series is $60, and single walk-in classes are $15. But I highly encourage registering for the full class to better ensure a space each week and to save money if you plan to come to every class (which you totally should!).

Registration is at this link:

I look forward to guiding you deeper into your Yoga journey!

Kemetic Yoga Beginner Series

Upcoming Semi-Private Class

In addition to public classes, I enjoy hosting smaller mini group classes in the intimacy of my home. The personal location adds a bit more intimacy to the atmosphere and allows people to connect more deeply than in a studio.

On Monday, September 18th, I’ll be hosting a Sacred Soul Yoga semi-private class with a focus on the Kemetic Slow Flow. We’ll discuss Kemetic Yoga and how it came to be, talk about the differences from modern Hatha Yoga, and together work on Kemetic Yoga sequences. Class is from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, with delicious hot tea provided!

At only $20, the space is women-only and limited to only four people, so be sure to register soon!


Sacred Soul Yoga Semi-Private

Dupp&Swat Class Cancellation!

There will be no Kemetic Yoga at Dupp&Swat on Saturday, Sept. 9th or Saturday, Septh 16th. On the 9th the space is having an event, and on the 16th I’ll be out of town attending a Yoga retreat.

Kemetic Yoga classes are still held every Wednesday at noon at Dupp&Swat without interruption. The next Saturday class will be on Sept 23rd…hope to see you there!

New Yoga Flows Added!

One of the things I love about teaching Yoga is how much room there is for change and creativity. With so many different schools of Yoga and the multitude of practices and techniques, there seems to always be a new way to guide others on their journey of growth and Self awareness!

Thus, I’ve created two new flows: Bhakti Worship Flow and Soothing Sound Flow. Bhakti Worship Flow is rooted in the devotional focus of Bhakti Yoga, while the Soothing Sound Flow incorporates both Japa (mantra) and Nada (sound) Yoga.

You can read more about both on my Yoga Flows & Styles page, then check out the calendar to see when the next classes are!

New Position at JCSU!

Thanks to a series of fortunate/unfortunate events (fortunate for me, unfortunate for the department head), I am now an Adjunct Professor of Yoga at Johnson C. Smith University!

I’m more than honored to hold this new position. It falls in line perfectly with my desire to bring Yoga to the Black community. Working with these young adults lets me plant the seed of the benefits of Yoga in their minds and hearts. The coolest thing is, I got the call for this job right before I got on the road to go see the total eclipse…talk about kismet!

I’ll be teaching Tues/Thurs from 130p to 245p every week, with my first official class starting literally three days after getting called in. Wish me luck!