About Sacred Soul Yoga

Ideal for those who want to explore their spiritual core, Sacred Soul Yoga inspires yogis to take their Yoga beyond the mat. Classes are held throughout the Charlotte area at different studios and event spaces, and are open to people of all backgrounds, cultures, genders, and identities. While also open to all skill levels, Sacred Soul Yoga intentionally holds space for those who are new to Yoga and have little-to-no experience to help them develop their Yoga practice.

A balanced combination of breath work, movement, and meditation, Sacred Soul Yoga is about delving deeper into Self and connecting mind, body, and energy. Sacred Soul Yoga focuses on inner transformation by creating holistic union with all aspects of our divine being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Students of Sacred Soul Yoga are guided to go beyond body poses and explore the many other transformative elements of Yoga that anyone can practice. Open to many spiritual paths and perspectives, Sacred Soul Yoga embraces different Yoga disciplines such as Raja (Royal) Yoga and Kemetic (Egyptian) Yoga, and incorporates energy healing techniques like Reiki and Chakra clearing.

Sacred Soul Yoga has four core commitments that guide class intentions. Every Yoga class seeks to:

  1. Create a comfortable communal learning environment free of bodily comparison, judgment, or shame in the education of Yoga.
  2. Spread the knowledge and holistic healing benefits of Yoga to people of color, particularly the Black community.
  3. Be an inQlusive space for LGBTQIA+ people of color to feel welcome and safe to engage in Yoga practice.
  4. Empower students to develop and commit to a personal Yoga practice that addresses their unique individual needs.

Sacred Soul Yoga is open to everyone and does not discriminate against anyone. Any person of any background who is in alignment with these core commitments is welcome. Together we will journey toward inner balance, soulful centeredness, and a higher state of well-being.


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